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I know that picture isn’t very up-to-date, but I just had to post it.
I was just wondering: “When did that whole ‘Three words, eight letters, say it & I’m yours'-thing start?” - Season 2, Episode 1 - seems like forever ago to me. Do you agree? Well, I just had to re-watch the whole episode IMMEDIATELY & then I created that very creative picture Hello, my old friend SARCASM! How are you? of that heartbreaking Chair conversation.
It may not look very magificent, because actually there are just black words on white paper, but I did that on purpose. I want to see how many people have enough imagination to consider that picture to be beautiful.
With a little bit of imagination those words mean a lot more. When you read them, I’m sure some of you will hear Chuck’s & Blair’s voice. And if you just work a little bit harder at your imagination, you can also feel how bad Chuck wanted to say those three magic words & how much Blair wanted Chuck to say them.
In my opinion it’s just a matter of imagination. :)

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